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Our Staff – Ferndale

Liz Blondy

Founder and Owner
Liz is a long-time Detroiter who, after a decade in sales, decided to combine her love of animals and her hometown passion into a career. In 2005, she opened Canine to Five Detroit Dog Daycare in Midtown and in 2013, Canine to Five Ferndale. Both facilities offer daycare, boarding and grooming and the business also facilitates trainings and hosts events like pack walks and dog-friendly happy hours. Averaging upwards of 250 dogs per day between the two locations, she is next poised to expand her original facility in 2017.   Canine to Five is now recognized as a Detroit small business success story, and Liz has emerged as a staunch and prominent advocate for Detroit’s resurgence. Firmly convinced that small businesses are the key to true revival, she co-founded Open City Detroit, a networking group designed to encourage entrepreneurship, and participates in many initiatives to foster a strong grassroots business community. Liz resides in a renovated Eastern Market storefront with her partner Pat Deegan and her Great Pyrenees Argon. The couple recently purchased a vacant church in the North End neighborhood that will become their next home.

Keeley Fuller

Facility Manager
Keeley FullerJoined Canine to Five team in 2009

Pets: Two dogs, a cat, five fish, seven chickens, two hermit crabs, and a snake

Prior to joining us at Canine to Five, Keeley already had over a decade of experience managing veterinary hospitals and dog daycares. Though Keeley has many talents, she specializes in dog behavior and pack-training with our staff. In her free time, she enjoys gardening, landscaping & painting with acrylics while enjoying life in the country. She has a wonderful family including her human child Karly,  2 dogs, 1 cats, 5 fish, 7 chickens, 2 hermit crabs and 1 snake.

Benjamin Cleaveland

Assistant Manager
Joined Canine to Five Team in 2015

Pets: A dog named Bonnie

Ben has been rescuing and working with abused and neglected animals for over 10 years so he brings a great deal of dog behavior knowledge to CTF. Since Ben has so much experience in working with dogs who are in the worst of situations he says it never fails to make him happy to see all the well-adjusted dogs playing and learning together in our pack. Ben loves to travel but when he’s not working you can often find him simply snuggled up with his dogs, watching Netflix.


Jesse Miller

Employee Development Manager
Joined Canine to Five team in 2015

Pets: a pitbull named Aaliyah

Jesse is fascinated by and enamored with dogs! Even outside of work she spends a lot of her time learning about canine behavior and psychology, as well as working (and playing!) with her own dog. Though she is an equal opportunity dog-lover, she can’t deny that she has a very special weakness for one particular group: our canine ‘senior citizens’. Other than dogs her favorite things are cooking and watching The X-Files. Jesse lives in Detroit.

Aubrey Gourd

Reservation Specialist
Joined Canine to Five Team in 2015

Pets: A German Shorthaired Pointer named Phil

Before Canine To Five, Aubrey went to school for Biology and worked in sales. She currently resides in Dearborn with her boyfriend, Jeff, and her dog. She says she has way too many hobbies like gardening, canoeing, practicing the violin, reading, traveling and more. When we asked her about why she likes to work at Canine To Five, she said, “Who wouldn’t love working with dogs all day?”

Kaylin Gaston

Reservation Specialist
file_0002Joined Canine to Five Team in 2016

Pets: A sweet, perfect German Shepherd mix named Lionel, and a cat named Landon

Kaylin comes to us with an extensive background in animals and a love for happy dogs and cats! She currently works with and fosters for a local rescue, and has fostered and adopted out 8 dogs this year alone. Well, 9 if you count Lionel (foster fail, oops!). Kaylin’s hobbies include bubble tea with a side of Candyland, overthinking, and helicopter parenting her own dog. She currently resides in Ferndale with her boyfriend, Jeremy. When asked what she loves so much about this place, she said “All of my awesome coworkers. We have such a great team! (Being around dogs all day is pretty great too, though).”

Michele Robbins

Customer Service Supervisor
file_0001Joined Canine to Five Team in 2016

Pets: Two Shepherd/Husky mix dogs named Keira and Spencer, two cats named Scout and Jasper

Michele came to us with almost a decade of experience working with animals. After over 7 years working in a retail pet setting and training dogs, she left for a career in an office setting. It took less than a year to figure out that wasn’t where her heart belonged. That’s when she found us!  In her free time, Michele enjoys hiking with her dogs, Pinteresting, reading, and cooking. She’s also really into web and graphic design, and runs a blog about upcycling and refurbishing. Michele resides in Ferndale with her boyfriend Matt and is currently going to school for Social Media Marketing and Business. When asked what she loves so darn much about working at Canine to Five, she said “nothing beats seeing a truly happy, loved dog playing and socializing! I love meeting the owners and their dogs.”

Leah McCarroll

Customer Service
file_0008Joined Canine to Five Team in 2016

Pets: An adorable Beagle/Corgi mix named Wiley and a cat named Wesley.

Leah wasn’t like every other kid, you know, who dreams about being an astronaut, she was always more interested in what bark was made out of on a tree. Richard Gere’s a real hero of hers. Sting. Sting would be another person who’s a hero. The music he’s created over the years, she doesn’t really listen to it, but the fact that he’s making it she respects. Leah cares desperately about what she does. Does she know what product she’s selling? No. Does she know what she’s doing today? No. But she’s here, and she’s gonna give it her best shot. Leah resides in Ferndale, and her favorite thing about Canine to Five? She loves playing with all the adorable dogs and getting to welcome her amazing co-workers to work every day.


Emily Ryan

Customer Service
Joined Canine to Five Team in 2017

Pets: An adorable little Pomeranian named Peanut and a baby Pit Bull/Mastiff Mix named Major

After enjoying a career in Customer Service, Emily made her move to makeup. She was a Makeup Artist for 3 years before returning to the magical world of dogs! Emily graduated from high school in Ann Arbor, and is currently attending Oakland Community College. She currently resides in Ferndale, and her hobbies include mountain biking, traveling, decorating, dancing, cooking, and of course, eating! And her favorite thing about working at CTF? “I love seeing all of the doggos and puppers, and working in an environment where it feels like everyone genuinely cares about each other! Being able to bike to work is great, too!”

Kim Sellman

Customer Service

Joined Canine to Five Team in 2017

Pets:Molly the Beagle

Before Canine to Five, Kim was a manager at Boston Market and did in-home caretaking. She likes to hang out with her dog Molly when she isn’t working, and loves to go up north. Kim’s favorite thing about Canine to Five is Dogs!!! All of the dogs!!


Kent Kole

Playroom Supervisor
Nicole SchulteJoined Canine to Five Team in 2013

Pets: A German Shepherd Coonhound mix named Cheef

Kent has years of experience working with dogs in kennels and daycares, as well as training service dogs. In addition to dogs, Kent loves horses. A former horse owner and livery driver, they spent 2 years driving carriages on Mackinac Island and still loves spending time with horses. When not at Canine to Five, they like to sing to their dog Cheef and dress him in human clothes. They have an extensive fanny-pack collection at their home in Ferndale where Kent also enjoys drinking local craft beer and crafting rocks and crystals into jewelry. Kent is a hardcore doodle lover.

Ena Basler

Playroom Supervisor
IMG_9374Joined Canine to Five Team in 2016

Pets: Two dogs, a Puggle named Puddle Bug and a Chihuahua mix named Cleatus Delroy, and a fat Calico cat named Talsa Salsa Cat.

Ena  grew up on farming catnip in a hippie commune, and had an early start with animals when at the age of 9, she started trading stable work for horseback riding lessons. At 16, she started offering lessons to children. After some time in retail management, she found her real calling when she started working at a dog daycare in Arlington, VA. Thankfully for us, she’s worked with dogs ever since! When she’s not working, she loves photography, drawing, yoga, world travel, making up corny jokes, puns, and songs about her pets. She also collects fridge magnets and coasters from her travels. Ena resides in Ferndale. When asked what she loves most about working at Canine to Five, Ena said “It’s hard to pick what I love best about working here. I work with the most amazing people on the planet and I love meeting new dogs and helping them adjust to the pack!”


Kelsey Somosiki

Boarding Lead
Joined Canine to Five Team in 2012

Pets: A Brussels/Bulldog mix named Krumm and a Hound mix named Ming

Kelsey worked at a traditional boarding facility prior to joining us at Canine to Five. She absolutely loved the change and we love having her here. We asked her why she wanted to work here, and she had a very clear answer, “I love bonding with dogs, because a dog’s love is unconditional. Why wouldn’t I want to work at Canine to Five?!”

Kelsey currently resides in Melvindale with her partner and her two twin girls. In her free time you can often find her hanging out with her wonderful family or indulging in one of her favorite vices, shopping!

Heather Hall

Pack Leader
Heather HallJoined Canine to Five Team in 2015

Pets: Two dogs, Jasmine & Finden, and three cats, Scotch, Bitty & Gadget

Heather is a former Insurance Agent whose love of animals led her to Canine to Five. When she’s not working she enjoys spending time with family and friends. She lives in Warren with her husband, 2 dogs and 3 cats. When asked why she enjoys working with us she had a simple reply, “I love the people and the dogs!” The feeling is mutual.

Cody Shornak

Pack Leader
Cody ShornakJoined Canine to Five Team in 2014

Fun Facts: When asked why he applied to Canine to Five Cody said, “I am out of my mind in love with animals and the opportunity to work alongside them sounded like a dream.” Outside of work he is a comic book artist with a passion for Rollerblading and Skateboarding. He also plays guitar and DJs in a few local bands. Cody currently resides in Berkley with his two best friends, as well as a cat named Mr. Peppy and two dogs; a Corgi named Stubbs and a Shepherd Mix named Vidar.

Rebecca Wagner

Pack Leader
Becca WagnerJoined Canine to Five Team in 2013

Rebecca began her career with dogs at the age of 16 through babysitting and training a very rambunctious husky named Bally. She went on to work at another boarding kennel before joining the CTF team. We are so happy that she brought her talents to Canine to Five! When she’s not dreaming of owning dogs of her own, Rebecca likes to paint, draw and cruise on her bike.

Samantha Swamp

Pack Leader
Sam SwampJoined Canine to Five Team in 2015

Pets: Four dogs named Fanny, Kilgore, Luke and Gaia as well as a cat named Azreal

Before Canine To Five, Samantha worked in a vet office as a vet assistant. In her free time she enjoys watching movies: horror, B films, campy, gore — she loves them all!! Sam currently resides in Ferndale with her boyfriend Logan (another CTF staff member). When asked why she wanted to work at Canine To Five, Sam replied, “I really enjoy working with animals and Canine to Five seemed like a great place to expand my knowledge of animal behavior.”

Kaitlin Lulofs

Pack Leader
File_000 (5)Joined Canine to Five team in 2016

Pets: A handsome little Cocker Spaniel named Noah, and two delicate Millipedes named Thorne and Admiral Rodcocker.

Kaitlin is a great lady who came to join our family with a big love for all animals after moving from Colorado, where she was a live-in care provider for a special needs Chow Chow named Maya. Kaitlin is our jack of all trades and enjoys teaching herself new skills like macrame and tarot. Next she wants to learn how to play the banjo and to “achieve the perfect ecosystem using mushrooms.” She’s also a huge fan of napping and is a self-proclaimed hot dog connoisseur. Later in life, she wants to foster special needs dogs. Kaitlin went to school at Arapahoe Community College and studied Mortuary Science. When asked what she loves so much about working at Canine to Five, Kaitlin said “I love seeing all the different dogs just be who they are. It’s a great feeling!”

Cal Meyer-Lesnew

Pack Leader
file_0009Joined Canine to Five Team in 2016

Cal is our youngest, and also one of our most ambitious employees! A recent high school graduate, life is full of possibilities for this Pack Leader. Cal came to us from St. Louis (one of the many places they’ve lived!) where they worked with horses at a barn. They’re really active, and bike 5 miles to work every day. Their hobbies include backpacking, trail restoration, and anything Star Trek. They also enjoy biking as an alternative to driving, and bike 5 miles to work every day – they say it wakes them up and gets them pumped to see all the dogs. According to Cal, their favorite thing about Canine to Five is “The people at Canine to Five, everyone is so invested in the success of the dogs and the success of their coworkers, it’s an amazing place to work and I’m so thankful!”

John Charbeneau

Pack Leader
file_00012Joined Canine to Five Team in 2016

John showed up at our front door on a whim, with a love for dogs. And now, he’s one of our many amazing Pack Leaders! John’s hobbies include playing video games, riding bikes, reading, and watching movies. He doesn’t have any pets currently, but he’s a big guy (we swear he might be 9 feet tall) and would look awesome walking a Rhodesian Ridgeback. In fact, one of our Rhodesian puppies, Mila is his fave! John’s favorite thing about working at Canine to Five (aside from Mila) is “all of the doggos.

Dominique Jones

Pack Leader
file_00015Joined Canine to Five Team in 2016

Pets: Two Pit mixes named Sandy and Boots, and a German Shepherd mix named Mogli

A resident of East side Detroit, Dominique is currently finishing up her B.S. in Biology at Wayne State. After volunteering at the Humane Society for 2 years as a dog walker, she found her calling with dogs. In her free time, she loves hanging with friends and family, and especially dogs! She’s also big into binge-watching Netflix, reading, and knitting. Dominique’s favorite thing about working with us at Canine to Five is “the atmosphere here is so amazing! My co-workers are the best, and all of the dogs are too. It’s great to see all the happy dogs throughout the day.”

Amanda Bellestri

Pack Leader
Joined Canine to Five Team in 2016

Pets: An adorable little Beagle named Luca

Amanda came back to Canine To Five after moving away from us. She loved her job so much, that when invited back after moving home she jumped on the chance to re-join the team. Originally at our Detroit location, we’re glad to have her at our Ferndale location and it’s like she never missed a thing. With lot’s of experience and a passion for dogs, she brings a lot to the table here in Ferndale.

Sarah Vogel

Pack Leader & Dog Trainer
Joined Canine to Five Team in 2016

Pets: Two handsome Golden Retrievers named Kirby and Gibson

As an animal lover, Sarah was very glad to make the transition to Canine to Five from her former job as a claims adjuster. Her favorite part of working at Canine to Five is watching the progress that dogs make each day through joining our pack. Sarah lives in Allen Park with her husband and their two dogs. When she isn’t working you can find her playing a variety of recreational sports including basketball, kickball, and softball. She also enjoys crafting and drinking craft beer.

Amy Koffel

Pack Leader
Joined Canine to Five Team in 2017

Pets: A Hound Mix named Lana

The lovely Amy is newer to the family, and really came in with a bang. Fiery, like her hair. Outside of work, she enjoys nerdy stuff like Star Wars and D&D, hiking, baking, and crafting. She spent a few months when she was 19 living in Ireland for a workaway, and really grew as a person because of it. Her favorite thing about CTF? “the positivity, how nice everyone. I like how every collaborates and works together to have everything work well.” She lives in Oak Park with her awesome boyfriend, Jon.

Christina Wagner

Pack Leader
Joined Canine to Five Team in 2017

Pets: Four cats named Brandy, Tigger, Harlem, and Sammy Dean, and a Corgi/Kelpie puppy named Bowie!

Christina followed in her older sister Becca’s footsteps in joining the Canine to Five family. She’d had some pet sitting gigs before she was old enough for a big girl job, and she’s made a huge splash with us already. This girl made Employee of the Month her third month working with us! Outside of work, she lives in Ferndale with her mom, twin sister, brother, and his girlfriend. She enjoys making comic books, and is an amazing artist and writer.

Aly Jackson

Pack Leader

Joined Canine to Five Team in 2017

Pets: A cat named Shaggy after the Scooby Doo character

Aly worked as a manufacturing tech at a car company before Canine to Five. She likes to listen music and ride bike in her free time The Maine is her favorite band!

Andrew Hamilton

Pack Leader

Joined Canine to Five Team in 2017

Pets: A Boxer/Lab mix named Sisko and a Pit mix named Malcolm

Andrew interned at a podiatry office before coming to Canine to Five. In his free time, Andrew plays guitar, draws, and writes music. His favorite thing about us is all the people he works with!

Jacky Kelly

Pack Leader

Joined Canine to Five Team in 2017

Pets: Dodger the pitbull and Brody the mixed breed!

Jacky came to us after working as a Pet Care Specialist at Petsmart. During her free time, she likes watching Netflix with her dogs and her boyfriend. Her favorite thing about Canine to Five? Hanging out with her favorite dog, Wilbur!!!!

David Meador

Pack Leader

Joined Canine to Five Team in 2017

Pets: A Lab/Shepherd named Ellie

David was drawn to Canine to Five because of the supportive environment, flexible hours, and he loves dogs! Before  CTF, he sold jewelry. David lives in Royal Oak where he enjoys listening to music, going to school for MBA, and maximizing opportunities presented to him every day! His favorite thing about Canine to Five? The people!

Lisa Barnett

Lisa BarnettJoined Canine to Five Team in 2014

Pets: A Boxer-Pitt named Peanutbutter

Equipped with over 2 years of grooming experience prior to joining the Canine to Five Team, Lisa brings a lot to our grooming table. Lisa lives near our past Ferndale location and when we asked her why she chose to join our team she said, “When I saw people taking their dogs in, both the pets and the owners seemed excited. I got the impression that people genuinely felt good about bringing their business to Canine to Five.” Lisa lives with her boyfriend and dog, Peanutbutter. In her free time she likes to craft, rollerblade and read. She can also often be found at local venues listening to bands play.

Angela Busha

Joined Canine to Five Team in 2016

Pets: A Pit Bull mix named Harlem, and a black cat named Staten

Unfulfilled in an office setting, Angela started bathing part-time in 2003. In 2006, she made the jump to full-time grooming. Angela is very involved in a little bit of everything; she sews and hides little fleece bunnies, reusable pads, is working on bringing Boomerang Bags to the area, and even used to be a leader with La Leche League, a mother-to-mother breastfeeding support group. In her free time, Angela is really into sewing and geocaching. She even went to school for Law Enforcement with the intention of working in a crime lab.

Angela resides in Warren with her awesome husband and her two handsome sons. And she loves her job, too! “I love how helpful and friendly all my coworkers are. As for my job specifically, I love to see the transformation a dog goes through when they get groomed. Sometimes they end up looking like a completely different dog!”