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Private Play Dog Lodging

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A Dog Boarding Experience Tailored To Every Pup

At Canine to Five, we strive to offer the best in dog services for every dog and uniquely tailored to their individual needs and comfort. That’s why we’ve developed our Private Play Dog Lodging service, available to dogs that either don’t meet the requirements of our pack-style open play Dog Daycare or are simply more comfortable with one-on-one play and socialization with humans.

Our Private Play Dog Lodging option brings the best in dog services to every dog and their individual needs.


  • Socialization with dogs and people in a controlled environment for your dog’s comfort and safety while you’re away.
  • Relaxed atmosphere with plenty of playtime, potty breaks and personal space in our newly renovated dog boarding facility.
  • Canine to Five Pack Leaders work with dogs one-on-one to help balance behavior and build confidence.


  • Overnight supervision by one of our highly trained team members.
  • Three potty breaks throughout the day.
  • Plenty of one-on-one time playing and cuddling with one of our Pack Leaders.
  • A comfy-sized kennel all to themselves for naps and periodic rest.
  • Additional play or customization packages available to tailor your dog’s stay to their individual needs.
  • Starting at $54 a day!

Visit our reservation page now to make a Private Play Dog Lodging reservation for your dog. Questions about Private Play Dog Lodging? Call us now at (248) 556-5675.