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Canine to Five is pleased to present our PUPPY PROGRAM, specially designed to help your puppy grow into a socialized, balanced and fun loving companion for you and your family! Plus, a helping hand in that first year goes a long way.

At first, your puppy will spend most of his/her time in the small dog area. He/she will get a chance to become familiar with our staff, our facility, and the sounds and smells of other dogs. As he/she grows in size, we will occasionally let him/her into the playroom with the bigger dogs, under close supervision, and only if he/she feels comfortable. Time with adult dogs is very important for proper puppy socialization. The adults help to establish boundaries and show the puppy how to interact within the pack. Adult dogs can be your puppy’s best teachers.

This program is for puppies 12 weeks old to 8 months. To enroll, your puppy must have received their first three sets of shots as well as their Bordetella vaccination. Be sure to tell your vet at your first checkup that your dog will be spending a lot of time around other dogs.

The program is offered Monday – Friday. You can drop your dog off as early as 6:30 a.m., and you can pick your dog up as late as 7:30 p.m. Monday – Friday. Please also ask about our Tuesday – Saturday Puppy Program options.

The cost for our program is $100 per week for dogs 12 weeks to 6 months and $110 per week for dogs 6-8 months. You can come as little as one day or up to 5 days per week for the flat fee of $100/$110.

Example: Fido was born on December 15, 2011. Through June 15, 2012 Fido’s puppy program will cost $100/week. From June 15-August 15, Fido’s puppy program will cost $110/week.

Obviously, your best deal is to bring your puppy every day Monday through Friday. Not only is this financially advantageous, but it is great socialization for your puppy.

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