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Tiny Town: Big Fun for Small Dogs

Tiny Town Canine to Five

Small Dog Daycare Ferndale

What is Tiny Town?

Tiny Town is Canine to Five Ferndale’s brand new daycare and boarding option designed for dogs 20 pounds and under. It has its own dedicated entrance and indoor/outdoor play areas, and is staffed with team members who know and love the little guys. It’s the perfect community for your small dog.

Daycare For Small Dogs Metro Detroit

Why is Tiny Town good for my small dog?

Everything at Tiny Town has been created with the needs of small dogs in mind.

They have their own space! They aren’t sharing with the big guys. The special express entrance, outdoor area and boarding area are all scaled to suit small dogs, and this more appropriate environment makes them feel like they are kings in their castle!

Tiny Town Room Doggie Daycare

They have playmates that are the same size as they are, and the toys and playscape equipment are scaled to their size. This makes it easier for them to play longer and get the most out of their daycare experience

Our staff is trained to know the needs of small dogs. Plus with the smaller space they will be able to get down and do more cuddling and playing , which little dogs love!

Tiny Town also has small dog boarding! All the same consideration has been given to making the Tiny Town boarding experience just as special as the Tiny Town daycare experience.

Tiny Town Dogs Playing

Where Is Tiny Town?

Tiny Town is now open at Canine To Five Ferndale. The entrance is just off to the right from our main entrance – you can’t miss it! New sign coming soon.

If you haven’t been to our Ferndale building, it is located at 1221 East Nine Mile Road, right off I75 South. Click here for a map!

Tiny Town Outside

How do I get my small dog set up for Tiny Town?

If you are already a Canine to Five Ferndale daycare customer, your dog is already set to stay in Tiny Town on his or her next visit! Click here to make your daycare reservation.

For new customers, your dog can pre-register using this link

There are some rules and requirements that all dogs must meet for daycare, so be sure to look them over.

Tiny Town Condos

Is there anything else I need to know about Tiny Town?

Yes! Tiny Town boarding isn’t just for daycare dogs!

As long as your dog is vaccinated, he or she can take advantage of Tiny Town’s special small dog boarding.

Got Questions About Tiny Town?

Shoot us an email, we’re open to new ideas, suggestions, feedback, etc. Thanks for being such great customers!