Detroit Dog Of The Day, BRUCE

Name: Bruce

Breed: Maltese/Pom

Age: 3 years

Daycare Buddies: Pax, Blainey, Arlo and Snuggles

Fun Facts: Bruce is just an adorable little man full of energy and personality. He loves to bounce around daycare making new friends all day long… His favorite thing to do is impress you with his amazing spinning skillz. He’ll just bounce around in circles till you give him some pets <3 Love you Brucey

Ferndale Dog of the Day, Shelby P!

Name: Shelby P

Breed: Pit Mix

Age: 7 years

Daycare Buddies: Shelby’s favorite friends at daycare are the handlers! She loves getting affection and butt scratches. Her favorite four-legged friend is Jack Wag; they love to snuggle up on blankets together!

Fun Fact: Shelby looks like an amazon warrior! She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! We love her.

Detroit Dog Of The Day, Maxx!

Name: Maxx

Age: 8 years old

Breed: American Eskimo Dog

Daycare Buddies: Samson, Dorney and all the Pack Leaders

Fun Fact: Maxx is just a sweet fluff ball that loves to hang out with the big dogs. Some of his very best friends are the Pack Leaders here. He loves to follow them around. Especially his BFFFFFF Cullen the Pack Supervisor.

Ferndale Dog of the Day is, Scarlette.

Name: Scarlette

Age: 1 Year 11 Months

Breed:  Great Dane mix

Daycare Buddies: Scarlette’s bff’s include Kirby (a crowd favorite) Mila the Shepard and Rossi another Great Dane!

Fun Facts: Miss. Scarlette is a giant cuddler, she loves to sit on the handlers lab like a baby! She tends to be picky when playing she only likes very large dogs or very small dogs there is no in between with her! Her most favorite thing to play on in daycare is the play scapes!

Detroit Dog Of The Day, Zorn and Zubbah

Names: Zorn and Zubbah

Breeds: German Shephards

Ages: 6 years and 11 years

Daycare Buddies: each other, obviously <3 also Sophie and Forrest

Fun Fact: Zorn and Zubbah are the ultimate dynamic duo. They are such good boys. They love to adventure around the pack, occasionally sniffing/ meeting some new friends. They are very chill guys and enjoy their nap time together <3 doggie cuddle puddles are life. These 2 babes love their mama and pops so much and we love them <3