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Canine to Five Grooming

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We believe that proper grooming and bathing are essential components in keeping your dog healthy. Our facility is staffed with professional grooming stylists with a combined 40 years of experience.

Our groomers will send your dog home looking and feeling its best after receiving a shampoo, hair cut, flea treatment – or even an exotic styling, pedicure, or skin treatment. All services are available by appointment, and can even be scheduled along with boarding or daycare.

Canine to Five groomers are pleasant and caring professionals. Keeping you and your pet satisfied will always be our top priority! We want to make sure your dog looks just the way you want. Please be specific when communicating the haircut you and your dog desire. Photos are a great idea if you have a specific look in mind. Only want a little length off? We can use a guard blade for a longer and fuller coat for your dog. This cut, however, requires that your dog’s coat be in excellent condition.

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Grooming Hours
Monday-Friday: 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Saturdays: 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Sunday: Closed

A full groom at Canine To Five includes the following:

  • Bath
  • Brush out
  • Nail trim
  • Anal gland expression (if necessary or requested)
  • Haircut
  • Blow dry
  • Ear cleaning and plucking
  • Bows or bandana

Additional services can include:

Oatmeal bath – soothing for dogs with dry and sensitive skin.

Nail filing – Sometimes trimming your dog’s nails might leave them a bit jagged. We can only trim them down so far without hurting the dog. For this reason, we offer nail filing and smoothing for an additional fee. This leaves the nails shorter and smoother.

Teeth Brushing – Bacteria can collect in your dog’s mouth causing plaque build up and bad breath. To prevent this we offer teeth brushing and breath spray as an additional grooming service. Teeth brushing should be done on a regular basis to ensure that your dog’s experience is as pleasant as possible.

Furminator – Does your dog shed excessively? The Furminator grooming tool can help reduce shedding by up to 90%. This tool safely and comfortably removes your pet’s loose undercoat hair to drastically reduce the amount of shedding.


Food and your dog’s coat – what you feed your dog has a huge impact on his skin and coat. Talk to our food specialist at Woofbridge to see if what you feed your dog might be impacting his skin and/or coat.

It is important pre-groom that your dog has gone to the bathroom and does not eat.

To ensure that your dogs experience is as pleasant as possible with us, please take him or her for a long walk before grooming.