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Detroit Dog Of The Day, Leroy

Name: Leroy

Age: 5 years

Breed: Newfie

Daycare Buddies: Kirby, Cullen is his best friend though

Fun Fact: Big handsome man that just loves to lay around and drool all day <3 But also SUCH A GOOD BOY! Like the best, sweetest boy around. We love this big fluffy beast. Also he got a groomed today and looked super super handsome.

Detroit Dog Of The Day, Bruce Wayne!

Name: Bruce Wayne

Breed: Pit mix

Age: 3 years

Daycare Buddies: Tashka, Huck and Kiera

Fun Facts: Bruce Wayne’s girlfriend is actually Tashka. He loves her so much, they make out all day long. He’s such a big sweet boy and LOVES when he gets to come to daycare. Also he was wearing a t-shirt with the Jettson’s on it today and it was just too cute to handle. Thanks for always being the cutest boy Bruce Wayne. We love you!

Detroit Dog Of The Day, Percy!

Name: Percy

Breed: Doxie

Age: 8 years old

Daycare Buddies: Cece, Jes, his bro Monty, Garfunkel, Simone, Brinkley and Blainey

Fun Fact: Percy loves to run around in the big playroom before all the big dogs start to arrive. Loves to do those morning laps 😉

Another fun fact this little man ended up in his forever home because he followed Monty’s mom home one evening. What a silly, sweet guy <3